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May 31, 2014

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Start of the Weekend

May 31, 2014

The happy cheer of glass meeting

The swirling of the wine,

Dark and velvet like the night,

Making us ever heady. For the week

Has passed, and long blinding days

are done. No more notes to read,

No models to run, all is over

For work is done. Sitting in 

The bar, feet a dangle 

And laugh with the friends

And forget the days

And see the pretty girl on the side

And know the weekend will be fun.


To be..

May 26, 2014

To be..

To be a child again
And never cease in wonder
At the glimmering of the bridge
And dancing lights under,
From a Ferris wheel,
Spinning in a bewitching manner,
Until the lights turn off
Too late for us to make it matter.

To Old Friends

May 11, 2014

Let us drink to old friends
Who time never ages, though hair has whitened
And the girth grown large
From the many swigs of the flask taken

Let us drink to the nights spent
When we were callow and unclear,
And sat in halls, discussing with passion,
Not working, for who the future feared

Let me drink to these friends
For though they are now so far away
Mist and weak memory, despite,
They keep my age and solitude at bay


May 11, 2014

I still think of you
Though you are far away
And the distance between us
Grows ever more.
You come to my mind,
Another boat, sailing across the waves
Of sunsets, books, and red wine
On which I have journeyed forward.
You name still drips from my lips,
And the rhythm sounds like
The melancholic splash of the waves
On the bow.
Aah! Though the distance grows
I can hear your voice
In my ears, faded but still certain,
With directness and purpose
That I enjoyed.
How sad is it that I must depart,
Trim my sail and leave your heart
On the waves, maybe another’s to find;
And travel the wild dark oceans
With only the vivid memory of your eyes,
Brighter than the stars that serve as my guide.