Simple love – Desire

July 31, 2014

If you ask me what I desire, dearest,
I would say it is your mind.
I want to explore it’s many paths,
It’s galloping avenues of your ambition
It’s boulevards that skirt and absorb the beauty of the world
I want to explore the labyrinths hidden deep within you
Those twisting and turning of thoughts that obscure and baffle
And meet the heaving, foaming, red eyed Minotaur
And confront him with you
I want to explore your mind dearest
For it is a path to that delicate heart of you.


Transient Youth

July 31, 2014

Gin soaked nights,
Rough edged days,
This is where I roamed
This is where I stayed

Under the pale moonlight
I danced with you
Inhaled your velvet darkness
And maddened on your heady brew

Its now all a dream
So short was our time
I want to hold you close
I want to hold you tight

To have one last dance
One last blaze of light
One last kiss under the waning moon
To keep the memory of us alive

An Apple

July 28, 2014

Maybe it is an apple,
With a dimple at the bridge
Of stem and brow which causes
The sour tang to linger
On the tip of my fingers.
My senses, they are my window to you,
I feel your round protrudent middle
Firm yet luscious, heaving with flavor
That makes my mouth savor.
The rapid narrowing
To the base and the dark corner below.
Inviting me to hold and bring close
To feast, to partake, to quench,
The thirst, with this succulent fruit,
That my eyes cannot see.

I love you.
Not like any tired metaphor,
Not like any weary trope
That has been strung
On the bow of many a bad poet.
I love you simply
Without fear, or fashion,
Straight and direct,
A clear and simple line
That is impossible to misinterpret.
And so you should know it,
Feel it,
Hear it,
Sense it,
Believe it,
I say to you once more,
I love you.

Sydney Evening

July 28, 2014

Color of wine,
Color of intoxication,
Swirling in the upturned goblet
Of the sky. The sun’s frenzy
Unleashed, the heavens vastness
Unfastened, the clouds blazing
Unrestrained. In this turbulence
Of light and dark, come,
Let us walk in this madness,
Let us drink the evening flames,
Let us careen in this vertigo of fire
Till we burn bright, and are
A beacon in the gathering night.


Simple love – Preface

July 27, 2014

Take you by the hand
Say that I am yours
Simple words and simple deeds
To make our time together worthwhile
Such is my love

Bleary eyes, tired head
The restless crossing and uncrossing of feet,
Hot tea scalding mouth,
Succor to an inane conversation happening around.
Announcements blare in peaceable tones
‘Your flight is about to leave Mr Jones”
Rough and tumble in the board
Fake smiles and and stamped upon feet
And amidst the grumbling and moaning around
I turn and see the pink of the morning has me surround


Ode to the Sea

July 20, 2014

You beget vastness
Onwards you roll
Into the fiery distance
Where the sun withdraws.
Your body undulates
Hips swaying
To the bass of the wind
And the melody of the gulls.
You seduce men
With your body in fervour
With your distant soul
To board ships
And sail
Over the curve of your hips
Through your choirs sonorous song
To touch your restless soul.

The candle’s dirge

July 15, 2014

I am standing here today
Lost in the world without a day
For the darkness keeps hanging low
And the silence stays forever more

It is an illusion I show
That belies the truth I know
And know deep down that forever
It is true. But I hold on to that lie

For why should I the truth aspire
When the now is better served
By the deceit with which I fool the world
Look on, it will spin

And in the end, leave me alone
With just the darkness boxing me in

Ode to the Tongue

July 14, 2014

Sensitive coil
Pulsing within the dark caverns
Of the mouth.
Ready to wrap,
Every morsel that enters,
A python
With insatiable hunger.
Lying calm
Only to be
Awakened with the shock of
A sharp, pungent,
Tingling taste of a chili,
Firing the red summer rays
And the heat of the tropics
That cause warm beads of sweat
To be summoned
From all around.
Or bestirred slowly
With the slow warm taste
Of red meat, grilled and somnambulist,
Heaving with winter roots
Filled with memories of the dank earth
Frozen now underground.
Other times, it
Glides over speech
Wrapping around words,
To convince,
To deceive,
To express,
To rage
To twist and turn
And shake forth the ability to
Smile and
Cry and,
The sensual tongue,
Coiling and expressing love,
Navigating the lips,
Tasting the mouth,
Reaching in, deep
Deep, into the caverns and
Exploring the seasons,
Curling over the words, and
Wrestling with the hunger
Of the heart and mind
Of another.