Evening skies

February 28, 2015

You were red. You liked me cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple was not for you – Julio Cortazar


A love note to books

February 18, 2015

Lisa Jakub: author, speaker, retired actor

book 2

I recently saw a little kid almost walk into a wall because she was reading a book.

It made me so very happy.

Not just because I think it’s funny when people run into things, but because I totally understand the enraptured joy that kid was feeling because of her book.

I’ve had several people ask me recently why I love books so much. (I’m assuming it’s just a question, and not an accusation, like, what is wrong with you, you freaky book girl?) Some people ask me how to start the reading habit, or how they can encourage their kids.

I began my love of books as an extremely emotional and introverted three-year-old. Books were a way to discover the world, escape from my own, and inspire my own writing. Characters in books became my closest friends. By the time I was four years old, I was working as an…

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ART & Thoughts


Juicy Buddhism:
The Power of Sexual Yoga

“Buddhahood is obtained from bliss,
and apart from women there will not be bliss.”
– Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇa Tantra

Praise to Vajravilāsinī, goddess of eternal love!

India, 800 CE: Two practitioners, students of the great master Śabara, entered a beautiful pleasure garden to begin their practice. The garden was filled with cuckoo birds, bright flowers, and tall aśoka trees bursting with red blossoms. It was the night of the Full Moon, and a cloudless sky bathed them in a gentle light. They had already taken hot baths and received sesame oil massages from their friends, and their naked bodies glistened in the moonlight. With the air still warm from the heat of the day, they were embraced by the lush forests of Oḍra. Their devoted practice was The Sādhana of Secret Vajravilāsinī. Clear in their determination to attain enlightenment and liberate all beings from suffering…

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February 15, 2015

Let us leave this beaten city
And go away to where only the wind treads
And where the sun burns soft like whispering embers
And where the strain of Pan’s pipers float through the fields
And where that sweet music is mixed with wine
And where it coaxes us to be just one

Your Lips

February 15, 2015

Your lips,
Sensual rivers that ripple
In the south lands of your face
Blood red and full;
A torrent, a spate, has filled them
Brought on by the melting of your glacial heart;
In the heat of that night your lips,
filled with those sediments,
Rushed to greet and merge
With mine….