Summer Enchantment

May 18, 2015

When finally she did emerge
From winters icy grip and endless dirge
She smiled and sang a tune or two
And colored the night in a purple hue

And with her beauty she did enchant
Infusing our day and evening with romance
With a wink, a flutter, a tease and tear
That make us all wish she stays near

Such were her charms we did not see
That her presence was brief; she would flee
And even when like the leaves the reality did fall
Too late was it our hearts were in thrall

And though she now has laughed and gone
Leaving fading memories and endless thorns
Through the fog her vision does appear
Of the warmth and laughter that seemed so near


The Return

May 4, 2015

Weary is the traveler, weary indeed,
When he finally spies the shore,
His boat, worn and beaten,
[The Sea had his will with her,
And wrecked and torn and mildewed,
She has come through with his loving hands]
Docks her against the rumpled quays,
And casts his eyes towards the houses and home
And set forth through the crowds,
Happy to be purposeless, purposeless indeed,
Not captain, or sea hand, or mate,
Just a friend, a father, a man is he.