November 4, 2015

Listen, listen to the song of Evenfall,
To lingering notes of summers retreat,
The long winding tune of fading fire
And the haunting of silenced heat.
It is a decieving tune,
Soft, soothing but sinister strain
Tieing and knotting the bands of clouds
and darkening the sky with its refrain.
Wrapped in notes of this exquisite night
Starlights whisper their quiet lament
Quivering and lingering on the air
As all around the world falls silent.



The Return

May 4, 2015

Weary is the traveler, weary indeed,
When he finally spies the shore,
His boat, worn and beaten,
[The Sea had his will with her,
And wrecked and torn and mildewed,
She has come through with his loving hands]
Docks her against the rumpled quays,
And casts his eyes towards the houses and home
And set forth through the crowds,
Happy to be purposeless, purposeless indeed,
Not captain, or sea hand, or mate,
Just a friend, a father, a man is he.


April 29, 2015

Dance to the clocks, the work, the light
The airplane travels and the black car rides
The hurry and scamper through the fields
Stalks of people carry blank paper in sheaves.
Lost in the dark, together we spin
Lights of Laguardia or is it starlight that glint
All blend together in cauldron of haste
The sun has torched another flaccid day.
Burn and burn, as the hours turn
Hotter the cauldron, froths and churns
With the medly of promises, proposals and lies
The dreams we saw when we were five
Wait now! Cool the bellows! Put out the flame!
The liquid has overflowed, we must start again
The burn, the singe, the scars on our hands
Let them stand as reminders of this time.

Spring in New York

April 19, 2015

Don’t ever leave.
Always find that one other day,
Cause I want to be
Lost in your breath,
Lost in your eyes of fierce life
That awakens the spirit
In hibernating and the dead.
I want to lie on my side
And watch you stir trouble
With your wicked laugh,
As you kiss an old man,
Make him shiver before his wife
Or see you dance down the path
Chasing shadows away from the past;
And when you tire,
Have you sit beside me,
Pluck blossoms delicately,
Rain them down upon my eyes,
Encircle me with your tendrils,
Daub me with the warmth of your kiss,
Entice me with the promise
Of an eternity with you by my side.



New York Haiku

April 6, 2015

Clear morning skies 

Walking up by the High Line

Spring is here 



February 15, 2015

Let us leave this beaten city
And go away to where only the wind treads
And where the sun burns soft like whispering embers
And where the strain of Pan’s pipers float through the fields
And where that sweet music is mixed with wine
And where it coaxes us to be just one

Morning Coffee

November 26, 2014

In the morning, bright and early
the smell of coffee wafts through blue doors.
Sweet smell of the brown earth moistened
by the morning dew that welcomes the worker,
Such is coffee at the start of the day.
Within the doors, behind the line
Stand the impatient men and women,
tapping on phones, lost in their lives, coffee
sustains them. In their request for
Lattes, Au Laits and Long Blacks, coffee
coaxes out their knowledge of arcane
and entices them to stay. Coffee
wants them to dream and talk; however,
they always rush away. Coffee
is magnanamous that way, its lets you go or stay.
It makes no call on you, its for you to be seduced
by its magical meld of earth, life and water
or dark draught of the night. With its liquid magic
It flows through our mouths and hearts and eyes,
Stimulating our thoughts, our words
and, metaphorically as we say, our daily lives.


Farewell to an Old Friend

November 23, 2014

They say you have no memory,
for you there was no past or future
only the brilliant present,
which you lived amidst the verdant green
Chomping impassively through vegetation
That was fed to you.
Time was infinite,
you had no capacity to assess it they said,
for you, life was of potted plants,
dark volcanic mud and the cawing of the crows,
that you observed warily with
the dark eyes of night
not knowing you carried on your back
Both the marker of time
and stars of that night.
Infinite present
that was the gift of the Gods to you,
and yet I wonder,
if when the last breath came
when your lungs struggled to draw
that last gasp of air,
if you thought
Of that late summer day ,
when startled, you sat in a drawing room,
fluroscent lights beating,
feel of hard concrete under your feet,
And another two eyes peering
into your shell
coaxing you out
to be friends and to eat.



November 14, 2014

Distant city lights, glistening stars
Gridlocked lanes, the river stilled
Canopy of roofs, trees in the forest
Dark towers rising, gathering of clouds.

Rumble of thunder, plane descending
Sudden flight of birds, cabs on wing
Haze wrapped moon, dew on door lamp
Drizzle on leaves, feet running to me.

Darkened bedroom, the endless night
Tight embrace, grip of winter chill
Lips brushing, caress of the wind
Your heart in mine, long smoldering brazier.

Autumn – II

November 2, 2014

Polished sheen of an autumn nut
Skin light and brown
That covers the taste of an oak.
Hidden within
In your infinitesimal being
You carry the great infinity
Of shade,
Of care
Of vibrant passion
That when it bleeds
Is the color of your heart
Staining the forest red.
In that kernel of yourself
Your soul beats
Waiting to be enclosed
In the warmth of the earth,
The only truth you know,
To emerge and show
Your beauty and majesty
Once more.