July 17, 2017

It has been a while since
I stared at the lonely moon
And made my way among stars
Through the labyrinth of the night
With that belief of gloom.
The night is not oppressive
I find no detritus of an expired day
Nor meet growling phantoms,
Fashioned from dust clouds,
As I turn down an alleyway.
Streetlights are not candlelights
Moonlit flowers are not wreaths
And my rumpled sheets
Are not submerging waves
Just a bed on which I sleep.
And it’s because of you –
That my lines don’t flow
Wounds are bound, blood is stanched
I feel no burn nor taste the salt
For you have made me happy now.


Fall Morning

November 9, 2015

I wake in the morning, and it’s still dark;
The winter grey has come.
Light shiver from the kiss of cold air
And the sharpness that pierces
Like an arrow when I breathe.
Trees outside my windows droop,
Beams in the wedding hall undecked,
The few leaves are mere remnants of a dream
Of summer racing through the streets.
Yes, summer, with its promise of forever,
Hinted but never spoken,
And now in these dark northern days
With iron clad skies, summer’s mocking laughter echoes.
Come, lets rise from this slumber
And walk the grey streets, with grey skies and grey people,
All funeral quiet with listless eyes,
And face the wreckage of dreams, all dreams
As they and I
Wish to be elsewhere, anywhere, but here.

Friends – Julio Cortazar

November 6, 2015

out of the smokes, the coffee and the wine
they rise to appear at the edge of night
like those voices you hear singing somewhere
far down the street, what song you can’t make out.

Brothers whom destiny has loosely bound,
sons of Zeus, pale shades, they shoo the flies
of my habits and they keep me afloat
when the vortex threatens to suck me down.

The dead speak louder, whispering the past,
the living are a warm hand and a roof:
my total losses and my total gains.

So one day, when I’m ferried through the gloom,
I’ll cinch their absence to me like a vest
of this old tenderness that says their names.

And I know full well you won’t be there.

You won’t be in the street, in the hum that buzzes

from the arc lamps at night, nor in the gesture

of selecting from the menu, nor in the smile

that lightens people packed into the subway,

nor in the borrowed books, nor in the see-you-tomorrow.

You won’t be in my dreams,

in my words’ first destination,

nor will you be in a telephone number

or in the color of a pair of gloves or a blouse.

I’ll get angry, love, without it being on account of you,

and I’ll buy chocolates but not for you,

I’ll stop at the corner you’ll will never come to,

and I’ll say the words that are said

and I’ll eat the things that are eaten

and I’ll dream the dreams that are dreamed

and I know full well you won’t be there,

not here inside, in the prison where I still hold you,

nor there outside, in this river of streets and bridges.

You won’t be there at all, you won’t be even a memory,

and when I think of you I’ll be thinking a thought

that’s obscurely trying to recall you.

To a friend who left

October 8, 2015

We did not mean to part
On the road, at the fork,
We took our leave
Not farewell,
For either road we could see
And hail to each as we traveled
On the road to the sea
The fog came down
And through the dark
Our voices grew faint
Lanterns dimmed
Faint cry of gulls
And rush of waves
Were soon all we had
On the endless way…
– and at the bend in the road
When we met again
We knew not each other
Time and tides had washed us away


October 8, 2015

I do not want to lose your heart
i don’t want to leave it behind
on the chair
on the street
on the corner
by the lights
where its rolled and torn
by the grey cars relentless wheels
what would i do without it
how would i wake up each day
and banish the sunlight
by diving into its recess
i wipe my lips on it
on hot days
i need to dry my perspiration
in its cool draught
and in the nights
i let it dance
to the music of wine
till i am intoxicated
and call out “wine, wine wine”
drunk by its fumes
drunk in your arms
lying on streets
in the dust bowl
of relentless cars
whose mericiless drone
remind me
to protect your heart

Evening Songs

October 8, 2015

All our loves are so brief,
They emerge and fade,
Fire to ash to dark

The passing of the evening,
In its glory, we forget
The stealthy night,

In the twilight we lie alone,
And turn to hear the breathing
The fumble and murmur,

That lie as if on another shore
Across the sea, of moon streaked sheets
Shore lights fading

Pinpricks of star light, cold darts
Arousing pain, delicious pain
Of hearts entwined

Hands held and entwined feet
Brief, fading, disintegrating
Into the relentless passage of life

Fangs of Night

October 4, 2015

Amidst the mad violence of the evening,
When the angry sun blazes in agonized glory;
It’s arms streaking red torrents against the sky,
Thrashing, flailing and then fading to ash;
Softly amongst those smoldering embers
A phantom prowls with the eyes of stars
Shooting white darts that strike and freeze
And turns this world from wild gold
Into the painful and silent night. 

Summer Memory

September 14, 2015

The glass glistens in the last summer light 

Sweet sangria, taste of fruit, taste of sun

The soft brush of wind and the endless day

That bleeds like love into the purple night 

How I wanted you when you parted the veils of your eyes 

And let your kisses flow with the heat of the day

An endless river merging with my heart. 

And I heard that sigh of content and regret at the end of the day 

Could there be another day, when hearts afire we meet again

And the dark magic ensnares our life, taking us down

And leaves us with that endless instance of paradise 

Or the sorrowful Tartarus of pain 

Summer Enchantment

May 18, 2015

When finally she did emerge
From winters icy grip and endless dirge
She smiled and sang a tune or two
And colored the night in a purple hue

And with her beauty she did enchant
Infusing our day and evening with romance
With a wink, a flutter, a tease and tear
That make us all wish she stays near

Such were her charms we did not see
That her presence was brief; she would flee
And even when like the leaves the reality did fall
Too late was it our hearts were in thrall

And though she now has laughed and gone
Leaving fading memories and endless thorns
Through the fog her vision does appear
Of the warmth and laughter that seemed so near